• The Putney Clinic
    of Physical Therapy

    Located on Upper Richmond Road in Putney, South West London, we are part of London's largest NHS and Private Medical Treatment Facilities...

  • Osteopathy &
    Cranial Osteopathy

    Putney Clinic Osteopaths use physical therapy combined with electrotherapy with a strong emphasis on rehabilitation and strengthening exercises...

    Osteopathy  & Cranial Osteopathy
  • Sports Injury Clinic

    Led by respected Sports Doctor, Dr Courtney Kipps, our Sports Injury Clinic treats all sports-related injuries using the very latest techniques in sports and exercise medicine...

    Sports & Exercise Medicine
  • Sports &
    Therapeutic Massage

    Our therapeutic treatments are tailor-made to the individual and can combine deep tissue, sports massage and advance techniques such as trigger point therapy...

    Sports &  Therapeutic Massage
  • Acupuncture

    A form of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture treats the whole person and is recognised as a medicine treatment for broad spectrum of physical and mental conditions...

  • Physiotherapy &
    Clinical Pilates

    Closely linked to our other treatments, the Physiotherapists & Clinical Pilates Instructors based within The Putney Clinic work in conjunction with our own therapists to ensure a complete cycle of care...

    Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates
  • Podiatry, Chiropody &
    Biomechanical Analysis

    In conjunction with Active Life Podiatry, our resident Podiatrist, delivers a full podiatry and pro-biomechanics analysis package to clients with lower limb conditions including Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain...

    Podiatry, Chiropody &  Biomechanical Analysis
  • Yoga & Pilates Classes

    To complete our life cycle of care here at The Putney Clinic, we offer Yoga & Pilates mat-based classes to keep you strong and fit as part of your on-going preventative healthcare and wellbeing...

    Yoga & Pilates Classes
  • Personal Training & Sports Performance

    Our fully qualified Personal Trainers provide tailored sessions for clients of all levels of fitness including those training for sports performance…

    The Putney Clinic - Personal Training & Sports Rehab
  • Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Life Coaching

    Based within The Putney Clinic, fully certified clinical therapists can assist you through life's stresses and strains...

    Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Life Coaching
  • Nutritional Therapy & Sports Nutrition

    With a fully certified Nutritional Therapist located here at The Putney Clinic, we offer a complete nutritional consultation service including sports nutrition programmes...

    Nutritional Therapy & Sports Nutrition
  • Women's Health Clinic

    Together with our team of medical professionals here at The Putney Clinic, we can tailor a bespoke package of women's Health treatments for you and your baby...

    Women's Health Clinic
  • Complementary Fertility Therapies

    The Putney Clinic provides a range of complementary therapies that can help to boost natural fertility for both men and women…

    Complementary Fertility Therapies

Welcome to The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy

The Putney Clinic is part of one of London's largest NHS and Private Medical Treatment Facilities. We provide a complete cycle of care; from the immediate treatment of your pain and sports injury rehabilitation through to lifestyle changes and preventative exercise for your complete body and mind wellbeing.

We have 3 locations where you can benefit from our physical therapy treatments:


The Putney Clinic of Physical Therapy This is our main clinic located at 266 Upper Richmond Road in Putney in South West London. We offer our full range of multi-disciplinary services at this site and we also handle all bookings for our other two venues.


The Putney Rehabilitation Clinic This is located a few doors down from our main clinic on Upper Richmond Road within the David Lloyd Studio and is where we deliver our exercise rehabilitation programmes.


Chelsea Practice Located within the Chelsea Outpatient Centre (Lister Hospital) on the Kings Road in the heart of Chelsea, West London. We deliver Osteopathic treatment and sports medicine from this Chelsea practice.

Client Testimonials

  • "A professional golfer needs to have a strong and mobile spine. When I had a problem with my back, Clive helped me to achieve this with treatment and exercises."
    Colin Montgomerie OBE
    Professional Golfer
  • "I live in the UK for the business end of my season, I have found Clive Lathey to be a fantastic part of my treatment team keeping me together and moving freely for the 'long run' over here. I have no hesistation in recommending his services to anyone who feels their mobility is restricted in some way - you'll be surprised how good you really can feel after even one treatment session."
    Benita Johnson
    Australian Olympian & World Cross Country Champion
  • "The Putney Clinic really care for the long term well-being of their clients and that makes the world of difference. The wonderful support I have received has, without a doubt, helped me recover from thestresses and strains that professional triathlon places on my body, and ensured I remained fit, reinvigorated and injury free. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending The Putney Clinic to anyone!"
    Chrissie Wellington,
    Professional Triathlete
  • "I spend most of the year continuously travelling for my work, so by the time I return to London I'm usually pretty bent out of shape! Fortunately for me, Clive and the wonderful staff at The Putney Clinic always find the time to see me and work their magic on my spine to get me back on the road again."
    Russell Lissack
    Lead Guitarist of indie rock band 'Bloc Party'
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