Exercise Safely with The Putney Clinic

Here at The Putney Clinic, we strongly believe in the importance of exercise as part of your rehabilitation programme. This is a free, professional service provided our medical practitioners to complement your treatment sessions at The Putney Clinic.

The exercise programme they create for you, will be specific to your circumstances and will include guidance on how to perform each exercise safely as well as information on how many sets/reps you will need to complete each day. If relevant, they may also give you a series of exercises to complete after your rehabilitation has finished at the clinic to reduce the risk of getting injured again or the pain reoccurring.

Rehab My Patient

Click here to view Rehab My Patient – this programme enables our health professionals to create tailored exercise plans as part of your on-going rehab…

Ensuring you know how to exercise safely at home is a key part of the complete cycle of care we provide for our clients here at The Putney Clinic.